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International Students in Australia


A Complete Guide for International Students in Australia

Australia is open again for international students. Australia is one of the most popular study destinations for overseas students. Many students enroll themselves in Australia to gain high-quality higher education. 

Around 469,248 international students came to Australia from January to May 2022. 

Top universities, incredible oceans, vibrant cities, cost of living, diversity of education, global recognition of educational standards, work relaxation, modern technology, and laid-back life are the main reasons students from around the world choose to study in Australia

To be an international student in Australia, you will need a letter of offer, confirmation of enrollment, proof of English language proficiency, documents supporting that you are a genuine temporary entrant, overseas student health cover, character certificate, etc. 



How Many International Students in Australia: Statistics

International students in Australia can be classified into various categories based on which education sector they are studying, which state and territories they live in, and where they are based. 

International Students in Australia: Education Sector

In Australia, International students can be divided into two categories in education sectors. One category is based on the number of enrollments, while the other is based on the number of commencements.

According to the stats released by the International Education Data and Research in Australia, there were 518,375 enrolments by international students in Australia, while 171,317 commencements by the international students in Australia from January-May 2022 which is 11% less than 2021

International Students in Australia are enrolled in various educational sectors, including Higher Education, VET, Schools, ELICOS, and Non-award. The following table depicts the number of enrollments across multiple education sectors:

Sector Enrollments in 2022 Percentage of Enrollment
Higher Education 2,82,304 54%
VET 1,94,437 38%
Schools 9,030 2%
ELICOS 24,550 5%
Non-Award 8,054 2%
Grand Total 5,18,375 100%


International Students in Australia Education


The number of commencements in various educational sectors for international students in Australia in 2022 is less than the number of enrollments indicating that one student can enroll in multiple courses. The following table shows the number of commencements in various education sectors in 2022. 

Sector Commencements in 2022 Percentage of Commencements
Higher Education 74,190 43%
VET 71,511 42%
Schools 3,091 2%
ELICOS 18,621 11%
Non-Award 3,904 2%
Grand Total 171,317 100%


International Students in Australia: States & Territories

New South Wales and Victoria attract most international students in Australia. The following data shows the total number of overseas students in different states and territories of Australia in 2022

State & Territory  Number of International Students in 2022 Percentage of International Students 
NSW 1,86,157 38%
VIC 1,42,326 30%
QLD 65,189 14%
SA 34,422 7%
WA 25,942 6%
ACT 12,383 3%
TAS 8,803 1%
NT 2,871 0.6%


Note: There is no data available for the remaining students in the remaining states and territories due to too few students. 



Where do International Students in Australia Come From? Countries’ Statistics

Top 10 countries that make up 73% of International Students in Australia

International students in Australia come from around the globe, with Chinese students at the top of the list. Here is a list of International students in Australia by country:

Countries Number of International Students in 2022 Percentage
China 1,31,442 28%
India 76,387 16%
Nepal 44,018 9%
Vietnam 17,709 4%
Indonesia 13,297 3%
Malaysia 12,906 3%
Brazil 12,233 3%
Philippines 12,229 2.6%
Thailand 12,052 2.5%
Pakistan 12,041 2.5%


The top 5 countries in the list make up 60% of the International students in Australia, and the top 10 countries make up 73% of the International Students in Australia. The most significant number of enrollments in higher education were from China, India, and Nepal. 

In the VET sector, the most significant number of enrollments were from India, followed by China and the Republic of Korea. The essential registrations in the ELICOS sector were from China, followed by Brazil and Japan. China stood at the top of the list in the School sector as well, followed by Vietnam and the Republic of Korea.

New Rules for International Students in Australia

The Australian Government has announced to increase in the post-study work rights of international students in Australia from September 2022. The post-study work rights duration has been increased from:
2 years to 4 years for a select Bachelor’s degree
3 years to 5 years for a select Master’s degree
4 years to 6 years for select PhDs

Why Choose Australia as a Study Destination

Australia welcomes a considerable number of students each year. Reasons why students from around the world choose to study in Australia are high-quality education, a high student visa ratio, multiple disciplines, and lively city life, to name a few. 

Below are the top 10 reasons international students choose Australia as a study destination.

High-Quality Education

The foremost reason international students choose Australia as a study destination is Australia’s formal education. Universities in Australia for International students are ranked among the best universities around the globe. Australia has a total of 43 universities, with 6 universities included in the top 100 in the world. 

Out of 43 universities, one is private, two are international, and 40 are Australian. 

Multiple Disciplines:

As stated above, Australia is home to top-ranked Universities around the globe. High-quality education allows students to choose from a variety of disciplines. So whether you are studying arts and humanities, social sciences, mathematics, language, or STEM, you will always have a wide variety to choose from!

Caution: It’s always a good idea to shortlist and contact the universities first to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements. 



High Student Visa Ratio:

Another main reason Australia is a favorite study destination for students around the globe is its high student visa ratio. Australia offers a structured process for the visa application for its student visa subclass 500. 

You will need to fulfil specific eligibility requirements, including enrolling yourself in CRICOS registered course, buying health insurance, maintaining sufficient funds, etc. Read more about how to apply for subclass 500 and eligibility requirements for subclass 500 here

Countless Work Opportunities

Australia is a land of opportunities. The Australian student visa allows students to work 40 hours per fortnight in Australia. Also, Australia offers a Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) to work in Australia after completing your education. 

So whether you are working on subclass 500 or subclass 485, there are countless job opportunities in Australia for international students

Multiple Internships

One of the best features of the Australian education system is that you will be offered an internship with your chosen course. The training with the selected method will add to your work experience and kick start your career. 

Multicultural Community

Australia is home to people belonging to multiple cultures around the globe. The combination of numerous cultural communities opens up doors to new experiences for international students in Australia. 

Other perks of living in a culturally diverse community include excellent culinary offerings, international celebrations, and learning different languages. 

Beautiful Scenery

When you are tired and need a day off from your daily routine in Australia, Australia’s beautiful outdoors awaits you. Australia is known for its broad plains and unique animals. You can enjoy the beaches, diving, bushwalking, and much more in Australia. 

Lively Cities

Being an International Student in Australia, you can choose to study in either urban areas or rural areas. No matter what place you prefer, you can always easily travel to neighboring cities. The lively cities in Australia offer unique experiences for the students. 

Ease of Communication:

Australians speak English, which makes it easier for international students in Australia to understand each other. But don’t worry if you have difficulty understanding or speaking English. You can learn and clear your English language exams with expert consultants like Nexco Consultants. 


Unique Wildlife

Australia is known around the globe for its diverse wildlife. If you choose a rural area for your study, you might have an encounter with unique Animals. But don’t worry if you haven’t; you can always experience the diverse wildlife in Australia in wildlife parks. 

Students from multiple cultures in Australia

International Students in Australia: Requirements

To be an international student in Australia, you must fulfil the academic entry requirements, student visa requirements, and other requirements to enter into Australia. 

Academic Entry Requirements

Academic entry requirements vary depending upon the course you have enrolled yourself. You will need to read the conditions carefully before selecting an education provider. 

You can check and explore all the available courses in Australia through the Study Australia Course Search Tool

Here are the general academic entry requirements for International students in Australia regardless of the course they are enrolled in.

English Language Proficiency:

You will need to provide proof of your English Language Proficiency to be an international student in Australia. 


Each school has its entry requirement. Check the relevant education provider for more information. 

Undergraduate Courses (Higher Education):

Although the entry requirements vary from course to course and from University to University, all international students intending to enrol in an undergraduate course in Australia must provide either an Australian secondary school certificate or an equivalent. 

Postgraduate Courses (Higher Education):

You will need proof of your undergraduate degree to enroll in a postgraduate course in Australia. Additionally, depending upon the course, institutional, and education provider’s requirements, you can be asked to provide relevant work experience and demonstrate specific research abilities. 

Vocational Education and Training (VET):

To enroll in a vocational training institute in Australia, you must study particular courses or have relevant work experience. 

Bonus Tip: If you don’t meet the Australian secondary school requirements, you can take foundation courses as a pathway to enrolling in the undergraduate course in Australia. 

Foundation courses are usually one year long and are available at almost all educational institutes. 

Student Visa Requirements

Here is a list of requirements that you will need to fulfil to apply for an Australian Student Visa:

Offer Letter:

When you apply for admission to any institute in Australia, the first thing that you will receive is a letter of offer, and here is what to do with the letter of offer: 

  • Read the offer letter carefully. The offer letter carries the course details, enrolment conditions, and fees you would have to pay if you intend to accept the offer. 
  • Make sure that you thoroughly read and understand the letter to know your rights, the refund arrangements, and the agreement that will be used to know whether you will receive a refund or not. 
  • There is nothing wrong with accepting the offer letter if you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions of the offer letter. 
  • Keep one copy of your offer letter if you need to claim it. 

Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE):

If you accept the letter of offer and fulfil their requirements, you will receive confirmation of Enrolment from your prospective Institute. 

You will need to upload a copy of the confirmation of Enrolment in your visa application as proof of your registration in a course under CRICOS. 

Proof of English Language Proficiency:

If you belong to a country where English is not a native language, you must provide a certificate of English Language Proficiency. 

You can either take PTE or IELTS to prove that your English language skills are up to the mark and that you meet the English language eligibility requirements. 

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirements:

You will need to fulfil the following criteria to meet the genuine temporary entrant requirement:

  1. You are going to Australia to study and not for any other reason.
  2. Your intention to live in Australia is temporary only (for study purposes)

Your statement of purpose will be assessed for these two criteria. You will fulfill these two criteria by providing details such as ties to your home country, what role your course plays in your future career and your goals in your statement of purpose. 

Proof that You Have Enough Funds:

Proving that you have sufficient money to support yourself during your stay in Australia is just another requirement you must fulfil to be an International student in Australia. You can meet this requirement via these two options: 

  1. Provide a bank statement or proof of any grant or scholarship indicating that you can easily support your stay in Australia.
  2. Proof that your sponsor’s annual income is enough to support your stay in Australia. The annual income must be AUD$ 62,222 right before the year of your application or AUD$ 72,592 if you intend to bring a dependent with you. 

Proof that You Have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC):

International Students in Australia need to have an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). 

Failure to buy an OSHC can result in the rejection of your student visa. You need to purchase an OSHC to pay for:

  •  Medical expenses while you are in Australia
  •  Prescribed medicine, you may need
  •  Ambulance in case of any emergency

You will be provided with an OSHC card that can be used to pay your medical bills.

Proof that You are Healthy:

Buying OSHC is not enough. You will need proof that you are healthy when you come to Australia. To prove that you are healthy, you must provide a medical certificate after a health examination. 

Character Requirements:

You will need proof of good character to become an international student in Australia. 

Other Requirements

There are no requirements by the Australian Government regarding having a COVID-19 test before you travel to Australia.

You will, however, need to double-check the requirements of your airline or countries on your travel route. 


How to Study in Australia as an International Student

Steps on How to Become an International Student in Australia

Studying in Australia is like a dream come true for many international students. International students in Australia need to follow these steps to start their educational journey in Australia: 

Step#1: Look into your Study Options

First things first, look into your study options. The good news is that Australia offers a wide range of disciplines to choose from. 

For example, in Adelaide, you can enroll yourself at an Australian University educational pathway, or you can choose from vocational education training at a college. The choice is yours. 

Researching and exploring the study options from various disciplines could be overwhelming. Nexco Consultants can help you choose the best study options per your needs! Check out Nexco’s Reviews if you think we are exaggerating. 



Step#2: Choose the Suitable Institute

Once you have decided which subject you will study, it’s time to choose the suitable Institute. You can either apply to the University, or you can go to college.

Each college and University has its application criteria. It can be overwhelming to individually study each University’s entry requirements. Contact us to choose a suitable institute for yourself.

universities in australia for international students

Step#3: Apply to the Institution 

Once you have chosen the Institute, it’s time to apply for admission. You will need to submit and upload your documents on the University’s online portal and wait for the offer letter. 

Note: The universities can take a long to respond to the independent admission applications. It’s better to seek guidance and support from the University’s registered partners like Nexco Consultants as the applications submitted by their registered partners are urgently processed.


Step#4: Fulfil the Requirements on the Offer Letter: 

University will grant you an offer letter after reviewing your documents and initial application. The offer letter will contain the terms and conditions and the initial payment you must deposit. Go through the offer letter carefully and submit the fee. 


Step#5: Wait for the Confirmation of Enrolment: 

Once you have fulfilled the requirements on the offer letter, the University will grant you a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), which you will need to upload with your visa application. 


Step#6: Apply for a Student Visa

Once you have received the enrollment confirmation, it’s time to apply for the Australian Student Visa. It is a must for International Students in Australia to hold an Australian student visa. 

You must fulfil the student visa requirements before applying for an Australian visa.

If you need assistance with your student visa application, you can consult the education consultants like Nexco Consultants to carefully draft your student visa application. 


Step#7: Make an Appropriate Budget

After your student visa application is processed and approved, make an appropriate budget. You will need enough money to pay for your living and tuition. The total amount you will need depends upon the Institute you have chosen. 

On average, as of 2022, the tuition fee in Australia for international students for postgraduate courses is AUD$ 15,000 to 33,000. However, the average tuition fee for undergraduate studies, as per 2022, is AUD$ 14,000 to 37,000 per year. The average annual living cost is AUD$ 20,000.

Lastly, you must buy an OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover). As of 2022, the cost of health insurance in Australia for international students is around AUD$478 per year. 

Step#8: Finance Your Study

The financial expenses can be overwhelming for international students in Australia. You can look for scholarships and grants offered to international students to compensate for their tuition fees in Australia.

Step#9: Arrange Accommodation for Yourself

Now that you are all set to go to Australia. You must arrange accommodation for yourself. You should arrange the accommodation for yourself before you arrive in Australia. 

Australia offers accommodation for international students, including homestay, managed student accommodation, or private rental flats/rooms. 

International Students in Australia

International Students in Australia: Additional Considerations

Living in Australia as an International Student

Living in Australia can be an entirely different experience for international students. You can expect a different climate from your home country. You can expect a diverse culture in Australia as Australia is home to people from other countries around the globe. 

Australian Insurance

You will need to carefully consider which health insurance plan you need per your individual needs. Usually, international students in Australia go for travel medical insurance coverage. 

Additionally, Overseas student health cover is specially designed for international students in Australia. 

Working in Australia as an International Student

An Australian student visa allows its holders to work for 40 hours per fortnight during their stay in Australia. The number of hours is limited when their university session is going on. However, the students can work for countless hours during their vacations. 

Financial Assistance for International Students

As mentioned above, paying the full tuition fee can be overwhelming for international students. The best approach is to calculate your expenses before time and estimate if you need any scholarship or not. 

Australian universities offer partial scholarships for international students to lessen their financial burden.

Post Graduation Phase for International Students in Australia

What will you do once you have completed your graduation in Australia? The decision depends upon you. You can either leave and return to your home country, apply for postgraduate studies, or apply for a postgraduate work visa (Subclass 485); the choice is yours. 

Whether you apply for postgraduate studies or a postgraduate work visa, Nexco Consultants will always be there for you in your next step!


Tax Returns in Australia for International Students 

You might not have considered this before, but you would have to pay tax as an international student in Australia. The taxes will be taken from your pay, and you must lodge a tax return each year. 

Paying taxes could be complicated for international students; you can seek help from Australian Tax Return information to ease the process. 



1. Will International students be allowed in Australia? 

Yes. Australia has allowed international students and graduate work visa holders to enter Australia from Wednesday, 6 July 2022, without any proof of their vaccination status. 

2. How much does it cost for international students to study in Australia?

The cost of studying in Australia depends upon the degree a student is enrolled in. The average living cost is added to the tuition fee and medical insurance to calculate the total cost of studying in Australia. 

Here are the details of the tuition fee for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees:

Program Fee 
Undergraduate AUD$ 15,000 – 30,000 per year
Postgraduate AUD$ 14,000 – 37,000 per year
Doctoral AUD$ 14,000 – 37,000 per year
Vocational Education and Training AUD$ 4,000 – 22,000 per year
English Language Course AUD$ 300 per week
Secondary School AUD$ 7,800 – 30,000 per year
MBA AUD$ 11,000 – 1,21,000 per year

3. Why is Australia the best for international students?

Overseas students choose Australia as their study destination because they have a high student visa ratio, high-quality education, countless work opportunities, multiple internships, multiple disciplines offered, multicultural community, lively city, ease of communication, and unique wildlife. 

4. Is Australia cheap for International Students?

In Australia, it’s cheaper for domestic students to study, but the living cost and fees could be overwhelming for overseas students. 

5. How many hours can international students work in Australia?

As per the student visa conditions in Australia, foreign students can work 40 hours per fortnight. 

6. Can International students get financial aid in Australia? 

Yes! foreign students can avail of financial aid in Australia. Various universities in Australia provide loans to foreign students to ease their financial burden. 

7. Can international students drive taxis in Australia?

Yes. All you need to drive a taxi in Australia to hold a valid driving license. You can use the license from your home country if it’s accurate and current. 

8. How much can international students earn in Australia 

Per-hour wages in Australia for international students are AUD$ 21.38 per hour or AUD$ 812.60 per week. 

9. How long can international students stay in Australia after graduation?

After your graduation, students can stay in Australia for 18 months to 4 years, depending upon their qualifications. 

10. Can international students do business in Australia?

Yes, overseas students can start a business in Australia. They can even begin a pty ltd company. 

11. What jobs are available for International students in Australia?

Overseas students can work in Australia in various sectors, including retail, hospitality, farming and fruit picking, child care, and aged care and tutoring. 

12. What are the cheapest courses for International students in Australia?

Regarding the fee, diplomas and certificates are the cheapest courses in Australia for overseas students.

13. What are the problems faced by international students in Australia?

International students in Australia can face financial hardships, differences in the education system, language barriers, cultural differences, workplace harassment, etc. 

14. What is the age limit for International Students in Australia?

There is no maximum age limit for overseas students in Australia; however, special conditions apply if the student is under 18. 

15. What are the cheap universities in Australia for international students?

IPAG Business School is the cheapest university in Australia, with the tuition fee starting at AUD$ 13,000 per year, followed by the University of Wollongong, with the tuition fee starting at AUD$ 18,800 per year. 

16. What vaccines are accepted in Australia for international students?

Here are the lists of the vaccines that are accepted in Australia for foreign students:

  • Comirnaty (Pfizer)
  • Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca)
  • Spikevax or Takeda (Moderna)
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen (Janssen)
  • Nuvaxovid (Biocelect on behalf of Novavax)

17. Can international students in Australia travel overseas?

Foreign students can travel to and from Australia from their home countries. 

18. How to open a bank account in Australia for international students?

It’s easier to open a bank account in Australia for foreign students. All they need to open their bank account online is a valid passport, email address, and date of arrival in Australia. Fill out the form on the website and add details like your passport number, expiry dates, etc. 

19. Can international students study online in Australia?

Yes, you can study online as a foreign student in Australia. However, you must attend two-thirds of your course in face-to-face classes. 19

20. Can international students work in Australia after graduation?

Yes, overseas students can work in Australia on a post-study work visa after graduation. This visa allows holders to stay and work in Australia from 18 months to four years, depending upon their qualifications. 

21. Can international students invest in stocks in Australia?

Yes. The Australian government welcomes foreign investment so that you can invest in stocks in Australia as an international student. 

22. Can international students get the covid vaccine in Australia?

Covid vaccines are accessible in Australia. Everyone, including students, visitors, Australian citizens, and overseas migrants, can get the covid vaccine in Australia. 


According to the latest statistics, around 469,248 international students came to Australia in 2022. Students from around the world choose Australia as a study destination because of top-quality education, multiple disciplines, a high visa ratio, and countless job opportunities. 

Overseas students need a letter of offer, confirmation of enrollment, proof of English language proficiency, and supporting documents to study in Australia. 

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