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Immigration in Australia: An Overview


Immigration in Australia: An Overview

Highly-skilled individuals these days are migrating to Australia to enhance their overall quality of life but Immigration to any country could be a complicated process. Stick around; this article will give you an overview of the immigration process, from why you should immigrate to Australia to arriving and settling in!

Why you should go to Australia:

From excellent career opportunities to a cleaner and greener environment, Australia provides many reasons to migrate to Australia.

However, the foremost reason for migration to Australia includes increased quality of lifestyle! As you live in Australia, you can avail one of the best health care systems, paying for your hospital and medical bills in all the public sector hospitals in Australia.

As a result, you can benefit from one of the finest health care systems around the globe. 

Another benefit of migrating to Australia is the high quality of the education system! You may not be aware that Australia has secured the 8th position in the world when it comes to the quality of education.Along with these benefits, immigration to Australia will provide you with the benefits like financial stability, diverse culture, beautiful scenery, and a pleasing climate, to name a few.

How to go to Australia?

As mentioned above, immigration could be a complicated process. Of course, Australia’s immigration department will process your application, but it is vital to put an application resulting in a  high chance of selection!

You may need to consult an immigration office to carry out the whole procedure for that purpose. The immigration office will assess your eligibility for the migration to Australia.

You can easily get overwhelmed by several immigration offices, but Nexco Consultants have the team with the right knowledge and expertise! Their Australian office can help you apply with confidence!

Here are a few things that can improve your application!

Immigration to Australia: Process


Visa Types and Processing

It is crucial to understand various types of visas before deciding which category suits you best! Here is a list:

Sr.No. Visa Details Visa Subclass
189 190 491 482
1 Visa Validity Indefinite 5 Years from the grant date 5 Years from the grant date 2-4 years
2  Occupation (Required or Not)  Required Must have worked at least 20 hours per week under the nominated skill Yes, must have worked at least one year under the nominated skill Must have worked at least two years under the nominated skill
3 Family Visa (available or not) available Yes available available Yes available
4 Education/Employment/English proficiency (required or not)  Required Yes required  Required Yes required
5 Sponsorship (available or not) Not Available Yes, Available  Available Not Available
6 Medicare Enrollment (Available or not) Yes, available Available Yes, Available Not Available
Process Timeline
1 Assessment of Nominated skills 3-4 Months 3 Months 1-2 Months 4-7 Months
2 Time required for state/employer sponsorship Not sponsored by state 90 days 3 Months 90 days
3 Timeline for Application Process 3 Months 10-12 Months 6-8 Months 1-2 Months

Eligibility Criteria:

Your eligibility for immigration to Australia may vary depending on which visa type you plan to apply for! However, a few things are common in each visa type when it comes to immigration to Australia.

The major point to keep in mind is your score for immigration.  Including your age, education, and English language credentials, you should have a score of 65!

 Another point is your age; you should be not more than 45 years when you apply for immigration. Your occupation should also be on the list of eligible occupations for migration to Australia.

In addition, you should have a good PTE/LETLS score and, of course, your educational documents!



Employment Options in Australia:

Here are the highest-paid and most in-demand occupations in Australia with average annual salaries:

Professions Average Annual Income
Systems Analyst AU$ 150,000
IT Manager  AU$ 130,000
Cybersecurity Architect  AU$ 125,000
Cloud Architect  AU$ 115,000
Data Analyst  AU$ 110,000
Python Engineer  AU$ 110,000
IT Specialist AU$ 85,000
Project Leader AU$ 85,000
Communications Technician AU$ 85,000
Build Engineer  AU$ 75,000

Note: It can be changed with the passage of time.

Benefits of Permanent Residency in Australia

As the term permanent resident indicates, you get to live in Australia, of course, permanently. As a result of acquiring a PR status in Australia, you get the freedom to work and travel anywhere in Australia.

You can pursue your education, and you would be entitled to healthcare and social welfare benefits. Last but not least, your children born in Australia would be Australian Citizens.


1. What are the Australian Immigration statistics in 2022? 

Currently, the migrant rate to Australia is 5.419 per 1000 people in Australia.

2. What is the immigrant in Australia by the country ratio in 2022?

India is providing Australia with the most number of immigrants currently but Pakistan also stands 7th on the list.

3. What is the fastest way to immigrate to Australia?

Visa Subclass 491 is the quickest way to move to Australia. However there are some other options as well.

4. Does Australia support dual citizenship?

Fortunately, it does! Australia allows its citizens to have dual nationality.

5. Does Australia have a strong passport?

Yes, Australian citizens hold one of the strongest passports around the globe. With an Australian passport, you can travel to 188 countries visa-free.

6. Is it tough to become an Australian citizen?

No, if you are born in Australia! Jokes apart, it’s not that tough to avail Australian citizenship if you have permanent residency in Australia.

7. Is Immigration to Australia open?

Fortunately, Yes! After the Covid-19 phase on December 15, 2021, Australia opened its borders to immigration and international students.

8. How can I contact Immigration to Australia?

You can contact immigration to Australia by either calling the department of home affairs or visiting their website!

9. What is the immigration Australia contact Number?

The immigration Australia contact number is (02) 6264 1111. However you can email them as well.

10. How can I talk to any representative at the immigration office?

You can speak to an immigration representative by these simple steps:

  • Dial their number
  • Call them between 9 am-5 pm local time!
  • Keep your passport and relevant documents ready by your side, as you may be asked several questions.

11. Can you immigrate to Australia without a job?

Yes! You can move to Australia without a job, but it’s beneficial to have a career as this can increase your PR Points.

12. Is it hard to immigrate to Australia?

Yes, immigration could be a technical process, but you can easily immigrate to Australia with the right migration agents! Nexco Consultants can make the process smooth for you.

13. Do you need to undertake a PCR test to travel to Australia?

No! There is no need to take a negative COVID-19 test before entering Australia. However you can be subjected to state arrival requirements.

14. Can I get into Australia unvaccinated?

To put it simply, Yes! To put it technically, you can face incoming passenger caps and are required to meet the state arrival requirements.

15. What is I-864P form?

This form is filled out by the sponsor of the immigrant in Australia.

16. Is Australia issuing Visas currently?

Yes! Australia has opened its borders to tourists and business people since February 2022.

17. What is the difference between I-864 and I-864EZ?

The only difference between I-864 and I-864EZ is that L-864EZ is the short version of I-864!

18. Can a retired person immigrate to Australia?

Yes! With the investor retirement visa, a retired person can immigrate to Australia.

19. Can a person purchase Australian Citizenship?

Yes, you can legally buy Australian Citizenship! The Government approves this method of citizenship.

20. How many years do I have to live in Australia to avail citizenship?

Four years! To be an Australian citizen, you have to live in Australia for four years. This includes one year of being a permanent resident.

21. Can I become an Australian Citizen by marriage?

No! Australia does not support becoming an Australian Citizen by marrying.


Australia provides the best immigration opportunities to the highly-skilled individuals around the globe. Migrating to Australia can enhance your quality of life and provide excellent education opportunities.

The technical process of immigrating to Australia can be made easier with the help of qualified consultants. You need to have a minimum score of 65 to gain a permanent residency in Australia! That being said, best of luck with the migration process towards the land of your dreams.



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