Nexco is a qualified education consultancy firm that represent universities and colleges across Australia,connecting a diversity of students from Asia Pacific regions to progressive and reputable institutions.

We aim to be the most efficient and helpful education and immigration consultants in Australia, Pakistan and India. Nexco is not just a name or organization but also a friendly group that caters to your needs.

We are passionate and dedicated to our clients’ progression.We work cohesively with various partners in facilitating and assisting clients, so that they are able to receive reliable and professional services whether they are in Pakistan, India or Australia. Our main goal is to provide efficient and high quality services for our clients, helping them path their studies aboard.


At Nexco Consultants we have a long list of students whom we have proudly assisted in their further education pursuit. Such an incredible achievement has been possible
through our devoted efforts & consistent performance. Our main objective is to enable our clients to advance successfully in other countries, adopting beneficial and effective roles in the workforce as professionals.

We add valuable experiences for our clients in order for them to contribute to the society and economy as
we seek out new partnership opportunities in varies universities & educational institutes.With our outstanding assistance, the students/clients who availed our services, were able to gain international exposure in their education to advance further in their respective careers.


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